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Welcome to Brittnay's Creative Corner's Returns page. We’ll cover our policy, as well as our most-asked questions related to returns and exchanges.  Please review our top questions answered below. 

If your question didn’t make the list, if you have questions regarding our items prior to placing your order, or if you are having technical issues with ordering, please email me at .

Turnaround Time

All items are custom-made to order and take approximately 2-5 weeks to complete, this is excluding weekends and holidays. All Exclusive items have their own turn around time since items are not always in stock. Please join our FB group before ordering if you have questions.

All clothing items on the website are made to order. If something is already complete you will find that in the title and description of the item. There is an extreme shirt / clothing shortage. For this reason I have the TAT set to 2-4 weeks. Sometimes it may go outside of this time frame if your color and/or size is on back order. Please be prepared to choose another color or style if the one you chose is unavailable for an extended period of time. We do not process returns for items that go outside of this TAT window. If you do not want to wait for item if it goes outside TAT, you may be eligible for store credit at our discretion. 

please note when placing an order each item has a description of when the items will arrive to us , be created, and be processed for shipping. When choosing your shipping option please note that does NOT reflect processing time. Once your order arrives in the time reflected in the description of the item, it will ship by the option you chose at check out  We will not refund orders for not reading the description of our processing time before placing an order. 


What is your Return Policy? 

At Brittnay's Creative Corner, I understand that sometimes your dream item didn’t end up being all that dreamy. We are happy to accept returns and will issue store credit for the amount of the item(s). Please review our full return policy below. 

    • Know the rules:

      1. NO REFUNDS - store credit only. I do not accept returns on inspired items (you can always try and post them here to see if someone wants them, but I am not responsible for those transactions), pre order items, or clothing that doesn’t fit you correctly (size charts will be posted on clothing and shoes or given by request. They are also on the website to view any time). If you want a store credit for something that is not damaged or incorrect, you are responsible for the 20% restocking fee that will occur once the items are returned to us. This is on top of the shipping cost that you are also responsible for. Please see next rule.
        Store credits will ONLY be issued if  your item is damaged. This must be reported to us within 48 hours of receiving your items. NOT 48 hours after you open your package. So please inspect all items once you get them. I do my best to look over things but occasionally miss something. Store credit can ONLY be used within 30 days after receiving. Store credit comes to you as a gift card, but it is different than an actual gift card offered on my website. This credit is issues AFTER the item arrives to us and is inspected.

      I have every right to decline store credit if the item gets returned smelling like cigarette smoke, perfumes, or any smells from pets, tears, rips, or any stains or signs of usage. Items must be UNUSED & have all original packaging (for inspired items this means duster bags, waterproof bags, etc) to be returned for store credit. All personalized items, sale items, and pre ordered exclusives DO NOT qualify for returns or exchanges. This includes clothing posted on the website.

      1. When sending back your item for store credit, your tracking information 𝗠𝗨𝗦𝗧 be sent to me by the 4th day! If I do not receive the tracking by the 4th day or that you have dropped off/ had the items picked up by the 4th day, returns 𝗪𝗜𝗟𝗟 𝗡𝗢𝗧 be accepted even if you already sent the item after that. Items will be sent back to you at your cost not mine.I will send you a return label created from your original order! I do not refund / issue store credit for original shipping paid by you. The item was shipped to you which costs me, and you are not required to pay for shipping back to me which i again pay for. I will not issue store credit until items have been received and inspected. If your items are not received to us and you cannot provide proof of receipt to delivery carrier your returns will not be accepted. We MUST have items in our possession before any new items are sent out or re-ordered. Please allow 3-5 business days AFTER your order has been delivered to me for payment processing. It is not my responsibility to message you and remind you about your tracking or sending back your items. If your item is shipped back AFTER our posted time for a return, it falls on you. You are responsible for shipping charges to get the item back into your possession. We will not ship your item until payment is received. If we do not get payment 10 days after the item is in our possession, your item will be discarded, sold or given away. We will not compensate you after this happens. We are not a storage facility and do not have room to hold extra items.
      2. None of my items are R E A L. They are dupes. Please do not get that confused. I cannot sell real items for the price you are paying on my page. I do not accept returns just because it’s not what you expected, size seems different than what you were expecting, or you just do not like it. Coloration and design may be slightly different upon receiving due to computer or phone screens. Specific details vary from product to product. If you have specific questions on design or color please make sure you ask. Items are not made all the same and can appear darker/ lighter in person. While I inspect the bags before they are shipped to y’all, there might be occasions that I do miss things. I’m going to be perfectly honest with y’all. If a single thread sticking out, slight marking, crease, etc bothers you or bothers your customer then inspired bags are probably not for you. I can not guarantee absolute perfection on every bag. I do my best with every vendor i work with to ensure the best quality possibly, but I cannot and will not make promises on any item that comes in for us. That is why the pricing is so much lower than the real deal. Small imperfections like this DO NOT qualify as “damaged” for store credit return. 

      Password for EXCLUSIVE collections: 𝗜𝗡𝗦𝗣𝗢𝗕𝗔𝗚𝗦𝟐𝟐

      5.I try to reply to all messages within 12/24 hours — usually way sooner than that. If I do not respond by then or if you need a quicker reply, please comment on an open post and let me know you’ve messaged and Or my social media assistant will get back to you as soon as possible. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR MESSAGES ARE TO OUR EMAIL OR THE FB BUSINESS PAGE AND NOT MY PERSONAL PAGE! Normal time to reply to general requests is 24-48 business hours.

      1. We are strictly an online PREORDER business. Everything posted is either made to order or preorder. We do occasionally have on hand & RTS items. Those will be noted in the listing name and description of the item listed online. We DO NOT accept cash as a payment unless at a vendor event. If you claim something, you are required to pay within 12 hours. If you do not pay within this time frame, your order will be canceled. After the first unpaid invoice you will be muted for 5 days. After the second unpaid invoice you will be removed from the group.
      2. All orders MUST go through my website. PASSWORD to exclusive collections is 𝗜𝗡𝗦𝗣𝗢𝗕𝗔𝗚𝗦𝟐𝟐 . When claiming an item that is not on the website yet, please leave your email so you can be invoiced. I do accept Venmo & cash app for any on hand items. You are responsible for sending payments on time. Pre-orders cannot be paid with non secure payments to ensure your order does not get missed. I am not responsible for lost or forgotten orders if you pay me without receiving an invoice from me first or paying directly from the website.
      3. You are responsible for keeping me updated with your correct shipping address. That means messaging the fb business page and/or sending an email with corresponding invoice number for change of shipping addresses. Employees and My social media assistant do not have access to my private messenger. Also, My postal system is not associated with your shopify info - so please don’t assume I know your new address if you’ve moved since your last purchase. I will NOT refund or credit you if your item(s) have been delivered to an old address.
      4. Lost Packages - Route shipping is a shipping protection service added for you and available on every single order. If you choose to decline package protection you are then responsible for the amount of your order if the package is lost by the shipping provider. If you have route shipping, you MUST download the route app and file a claim with them for your missing package. WE do not cover lost, stolen, or missing packages after they leave our facility. Route is the only one that will cover you fully. If your package is lost or stolen, we can help assist you in opening an investigation with route or USPS if you purchased insurance on your priority package. Please note this may take up to 2 weeks to be completed by them. Once the investigation is complete, route or usps determines no foul play or package was delivered to where it was supposed to go, we do not issue any refunds for missing items. Please note that delivery times do not include weekends or holidays. Business days are Monday-Friday. Shipping charges are nonrefundable. Any delays due to UPS/USPS exceptions and weather related delays are beyond our control.
      5. All items are ran weekly with a closing date of every friday @ 6pm CST. If you order after this time, your order will not go into until the following week. This is when our turn around time (TAT) starts for your order. TAT for all exclusive items are 4-10 weeks. TAT for all made to order t-shirts and sweatshirts are 6-28 business days. This excludes unforeseen circumstances like weather issues or shipping delays. With covid and holidays shipping may be delayed. Please know I have ZERO control over shipping and what happens. I will do everything in my power to get you your orders as fast as possible based on what shipping allows. I do not refund for late shipping or extended times out of my control.
      6. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR KNOWING AND AGREEING TO ALL RULES BEFORE PLACING AN ORDER. You must click you agree to terms and conditions on the website before your order is placed. This means you know and have read all these rules.


Items not meeting the above guidelines will be returned to you at your expense; after 30 days all non-returnable merchandise will be donated. For additional information on returns, or if you have a question that wasn’t answered, please email me at . 

How do I return my merchandise? 

We offer a simple option to send back your return merchandise! Follow our easy steps for a hassle-free return. 

  1. Please review our return policy to be sure your return meets our requirements. Returns that do not meet requirements will not be accepted and additional postage will be paid to have them returned to you.
  2. Place unwanted merchandise in a shipping safe box or envelope with original invoice included.
  3. Print off shipping label that will be sent to your email you used when placing your order. If you need this label to be sent somewhere else it is your responsibility to contact us and let us know. 

If you chose not to use the provided Return Label option, you may mail your return to: 

Brittnay Kolbaska 
ATTN: Returns 
310 Royal Troon Drive Cibolo TX 78108

When will my return be processed?

With the holiday season upon us, we are asking for up to 2 weeks for your return to be processed. We're working to get this done quicker the best we can. However, once completed, we will send you and email with your return status. We appreciate your patience. Please record your tracking information to check when it arrives back to our facilities.

If you have any issues with printing your return label, please email . We will send a confirmation email when your store credit is available.

*We recommend recording your tracking information to ensure delivery.* 

Care Instructions:
Machine wash, inside out, with cold water and mild detergent.
Hang to dry (recommended) or tumble dry inside out on low
Do NOT bleach - Do NOT Use Fabric Softener – Do NOT iron directly on design

In correct / Change of Address Policy:

You are responsible for keeping me updated with your correct shipping address. That means messaging the fb business page and/or sending an email with corresponding invoice number for change of shipping addresses. Employees and My social media assistant do not have access to my private messenger. Also, My postal system is not associated with your PayPal info - so please don’t assume I know your new address if you’ve moved since your last purchase. I will NOT refund or credit you if your item(s) have been delivered to an old address.

Viral Policy:
In the chance a product goes viral the Turnaround Time (TAT) will be extended up to 30 business days at the discretion of the business, weekends and federal holidays are excluded from this time. When checking out you understand this policy. The website, listing, and Facebook groups will be alerted to any extension in TAT. Listings are not guaranteed to be active after the order cutoff time. Cutoff for any orders that go viral will be in EASTERN time and will be at the discretion of Rice Design Company, LLC. In order to get these products out the door faster they may not include any "freebies" that are usually included but will come with a washing instruction card. 

In Person Pick Up Rules:

 If your order is at the store waiting for pickup for more than 10 days, I will not accept a return. So please pickup at your earliest convenience. After 20 days, if your order is not picked up you will receive an invoice for shipping. If you do not pay this invoice in 48 hours then your order will go back into available stock or donated out. I am not responsible for messaging you daily/weekly about your order pick ups. No refunds will be given if you come for your package after 20 days and find it has been sold or donated to someone else. Once you get an invoice for shipping your item(s) are not longer at the store for pick up and I will not be bringing it back. If you do not pay the shipping and want to pick up, you will be told no because I have gone back and forth more than once already for this order, and new orders need space for pick up. Please check and see more info in announcements under pick up thread! After 20 days if you pick up your order and something is missing or incorrect I am not responsible for missing items. After sitting that long for pick up, if something gets misplaced it is not on me. Please pick up your orders in a timely manner. 

Tie-Dye & Bleached Items:
Tie-dye is not an exact science and no two shirts will look the same. The same batch of shirts can produce multiple variations of color combinations, blending patterns, etc. Please be aware the mock-up is an EXAMPLE, it is not always able to be recreated exactly. Some colors could be lighter or darker, and the buyer understands this when purchasing. If purchasing wholesale the buyer understands it is their responsibility to communicate effectively with their customers that the mock-up is simply an example, and the colors will vary on each shirt. 
Bleached and tie-dye items are handmade with love and no two items will be the same. 
There is no returns, exchanges, or refunds on tie-dye or bleached items. 

No decorative accessories pictured are included, only the shirt. 
Please note, the size of the print can differ from the size it is on your shirt. Images reflect the graphic on a size small, the graphic may not be as large on a 3XL. Colors may vary depending on screen resolution and/or filters on original listing photos.