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Horizontal Regular Badge Buddy


This listing is for the Horizontal Regular badge buddy. They are fully customizable to whatever your needs, wants and likes may be! You have full creative liberty from start to finish and I help bring it to life!

The brown that you see is only a brown paper backing to protect the acrylic piece before making it beautiful! You choose everything!

Is it heavy?

You'd be as surprised as me, it's not! I weighed it and it barely reaches and ounce if not less!

How does a badge buddy work?

We do have a photo for my visual peeps, but any ID/Card that you have can be placed on top of the badge buddy, and there is a spot on the buddy that can be customized with anything you want it to say (name/title/degree/initials etc, as long as it doesn't exceed over 30 characters)


We offer 2 different sizes of the Horizontal Badge Buddy:

Horizontal Regular (3.1"x3.4")

Horizontal Extended (4.2”x3.4”) 

Please make sure to measure any and all IDs/Cards that will be placed on top of your badge buddy to make sure that they accurately fit and/or show your the name/title field.

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